My name is Ludovic GUYOT and I was born in Lons-le-Saunier, in Jura.

I have been living here since then and still discover my environment with pleasure thanks to my walks and to the pratice of geocaching.

My professionnal career

I’ve always been interested in History and I passed a history licence in Besançon.

I started my professional career as a “Memory assistant” in the Veterans National Office, with the aim of creating links between the former and the new generations. I also had different experiences in Tourist office in Franche-Comté.

My tastes

I like to transmit what I know and I like to discover new things far the beaten tracks.

I like to meet to meet new people, to discover new paths and new landscape. I like history and the heritage of my region. I like the good products of Jura and to share them, maybe with you…

Looking forward to travelling and walking with you.

Why "Lacuzon?"

It was in 1674 that Franche-Comté (Jura, Doubs, Haute-Saône and Belfort territory) was attached to France, after 39 years of war of which Lacuzon was the hero.

Claude Prost, dit Lacuzon, was born in Longchaumois in 1607 to farming parents and, not having the peasant vocation, he came down to Saint-Claude where he (perhaps?) practised the trade of shoemaker. Married to Jeanne Blanc on October 31, 1632 with whom he had 2 daughters, he seemed to lead a row of small craftsmen in the shadow of the famous Sanclaudian abbey.

1636: His destiny shifts

The course of his life changed with the war that Richelieu, then minister of Louis XIII, launched against the House of Austria to annex the Franche-Comté. When Dole was besieged by 18,000 men under the leadership of the Grand Condé, Claude Prost was mobilized with a troop of Sanclaudians and his ascendant over the soldiers would not stop growing. Hardy but cautious, he is soon nicknamed «La Cuson», in patois «le souci».