The job

The tourist guide is a modern nomad. From his passion for travelling he made his job.

He conceives excursion programs, visits and touristic tours. He accompagnies tourists along their trip, highlighting the local culture, gastronomy and craft.


Half day or full day excursions in order to discover our characterictic little comtoise towns , the local history and the legends, the “terroir” and the local craftmen with their typical skills (winegrowers, cheesemongers…).


I discovered hiking three years ago, with friends.

I had no experience and I began as a simple member of the group.

I started with short walks a few kilometers, with a low elevation and I increased them little by little.

I thought I knew Jura, my native department quite well, but I discovered a new territory.

Jura is well adapted to this activity, thanks to his geological and geographical structure.

It provides a wide range of landcapes, from the Dole plain and Bresse to The Revermont, the premier plateau and the Haut Jura.

I love hiking for several reasons:


In a small group, speaking and discussing at one’s own pace in the middle of nature is very pleasant, allowing everybody to feel at case, according to one’s character.

During the breaks, it is the moment to share and to taste local products.

Physical activity

Far from sports performances, I am going to privilege easy family excursions, accessible to a large number of people.

La Nature

Whatever the season is, nature offers us changing landscapes, all of them wonderful, the green of spring, the yellow of corn fields in summer, the autumn brown and the white of winter, without forgetting the blue of our lakes, rivers, waterfalls and pounds, all of this of course for the great pleasure of photo lovers.

I have tested several dozens of trips and I have selected the most interesting ones for you, concerning the landscape, the local heritage or the history of the place.

So I invite you to follow me on the Jura roads

You can choose

Family walks , easy or very easy , on short distances but with different touristic points of interest, or longer, during a whole day.

These walks can be associated with the tasting of local products



The most famous being Comté, that you can prefer young and soft or old and stronger, and also Morbier, Bleu de Gex and the well-known Mont d’or, so delicious hot with potatoes and Morteau sausages.

All of them can be tasted and bought in the numerous “fruitières”of Jura.


  • A vineyard with 7 PDO (protected denomination of origin)
  • Geographical PDO (Arbois, Côte du Jura, l’Etoile, Château-Chalon)
  • PDO products : Macvin a must for your aperitif in Jura, Cremant, to make the feast moments sparkle, Marc du Jura , appreciated after a good meal.
  • Five grape varieties : chardonnay, savagnin,poulsard, pinot, trousseau.

I shall help you to discover little producers who will share with you their passion for their work.

And also salt sausages, Montbéliard, Morteau, honey with local beekeepers, and numerous brewers.


A modern treasure hunt, intented for everybody. It is very funny to seach, to observe, to find these little tubes or boxes containing tiny objects, allowing to have a pleasant walk at the same time.

Let us together for a treasure hunt!

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