My passion for music is very old. I have been immersed in music since my childhood.

My father has long had a taste for choral singing, first classical and then Jazz. Already child impossible to miss one of his concerts, where it was not uncommon for me to be in the front row.

The Sunday meals at my grandparents' house were also often punctuated by local Comtois songs.

As a teenager, I discover with emotion the joys of radio, including «radio Lacuzon». Nostalgic memories of the K7 readers that we sometimes rewind with our bic pencils, and listened to with our walkers. Multiple universes were opening up, first stroke for Abba, very quickly the rocknroll with Elvis, as well as the vinyl record of the Black Socks had my preference.

I’ve always listened to the radio a lot no matter what the circumstances.

As an adult, I enrolled in a choir, and I am still at one of them close to my home.

I go to concerts very regularly and I like to discover new genres and styles.

My discotheque is huge, it will adapt to your tastes and requests.

Dances parties

Thanks to a professional equipment, I can make you dance all along the night, with different styles of music : walz, tango, dance, rock'n'roll…

My aim is to satisfy you and to make this party a very pleasant and festive moment

Eighties 80'

A prolific period in music production, everyone loves these tubes filled with happy or nostalgic memories. No doubt you will be drawn by the demons of midnight or dance. Some offences will still be planned in previous years and those of today. A hurricane blows on the dance floor, but as the music is good no need of a pinball because everything rolls because it is the cotton wool she prefers!

Games and Quizz

If you are unbeatable on Tv series, cartoons, films or other topics, this is for you, regardless of your tastes or your age.


Whenever you know how to sing or not, it is the opportunity

to share a very funny moment with friends, collegues, family…

Everybody can sing these famous hits or standards.

Birthdays-Wedding-Dancing Tea

There are pleasant moments in our lives, with your family and friends.

I adapt to you musical tasted and to your needs, with a calm and cosy tone during the meal and a festive surrounding on the dance floor.

I can go in the whole Jura departments.

I have a catalogue of more than 10 000 titles, a screen, a video projector.

An entertainer must be able to adapt to different kinds of surroundings from the lively athmosphere of a dancing night to the more quiet atmosphere of a loto during which numbers must be clearly heard.

Sound of your events

I put my experience at your service for all the important moments of your life.

Thanks to a branded sound system HK, made in Germany, you will benefit of a high standard quality of sound. No need to push the volume up too much, it gives a clear and warm sound during speeches, awards, farewells…

I can also provide microphones wireless or not, and a microphone stand.